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Jul 10, 2014

Colorado making progress on preparing students for 'middle-skill' jobs

We've written previously about "middle-skill" jobs and how important they are to Colorado workers, their families and businesses across the state.

These are good-paying positions – licensed practical nurse, carpenter, claims adjuster, to name just a few – that require some education above high school but not a four-year college degree. They are jobs that pay good wages, jobs that sustain families and put them on a path to self-sufficiency.

Jun 23, 2014

Opinion: Time to focus on retirement security

Re: "Parsing PERA's private pension plot," June 19 Mike Rosen column.

By Wade Buchanan
Guest commentary, The Denver Post

Mike Rosen managed to get one thing right in his column: The idea of a retirement security task force is not going away.

May 3, 2013

Gov. Hickenlooper can ensure safe workplace for all Coloradans

The Bell Policy Center strongly supports House Bill 13-1136, the "Job Protection and Civil Rights Enforcement Act," which will provide meaningful remedies for workers who are not protected by federal law and therefore can't receive damages or attorney fees even after successfully proving discrimination. Here's why we believe in this bill

May 29, 2012

Who should call the shots in juvenile trials?

Letter to the editor, The Denver Post, published in the March 23 edition

Re: "Leave state's juvenile justice system intact," March 14 guest commentary.

The research does not support Attorney General John Suthers' assertions on proposed reforms to Colorado's juvenile justice system (House Bill 1271).

Mar 9, 2012

Proposed bill on foreclosure documents will close loophole, restore integrity

Individuals and families who are having their homes foreclosed upon need to know that those who are taking back property actually have the right to do so. In Colorado, though, a lender can foreclose on a home simply by submitting an attorney's signature affirming that the lender is entitled to foreclose on a property.

Oct 1, 2009

Concurrent enrollment a success story worth celebrating

Last week, The Denver Post published a front-page story on the success of concurrent enrollment programs across the state. Concurrent enrollment allows high school students to simultaneously complete their diplomas and earn college credits, certificates or associate's degrees.

We were pleased to read the article, and we think it is worth taking a moment to celebrate the program's success.

Jul 20, 2009

Commentary in Post says declining revenues will harm Colorado

Emailed to supporters July 20, 2009

Commentary in Post
says declining revenues
will harm Colorado

On Sunday, The Denver Post published a commentary by Wade Buchanan, Chris Watney of the Colorado Children's Campaign and Carol Hedges of the Colorado Fiscal Policy Institute. We wanted to share it, in case you missed it.

Colorado's budget: Untie state's hands

By Wade Buchanan, Chris Watney and Carol Hedges

Jul 17, 2009

Foes wary of tax breaks, Gov. Ritter is likely to sign a bill aiming to build up tourism

(Rich Jones and George Awuor quoted in article. First few paragraphs of article appear below.)

By Andy Vuong
The Denver Post

Last fall, a group of powerful Colorado business leaders set their sights on passing
legislation to create millions of dollars in annual tax breaks for marquee venues that
would draw tourists.

Jun 29, 2009

Payday loans hook a sinker

Payday loan's hook a sinker

By Al Lewis
The Denver Post

Feb. 17, 2008

Clara Cichosz of Littleton couldn't stop pumping coins into the slot machines.

The spinning dials, the electronic bells, and the occasional clank of a jackpot had hypnotized her. She started going to Black Hawk without her friends, so she could be alone with the machines.

Mar 1, 2007

Selected letters and responses from the Denver Post op-ed on Bell's Colorado: The State of Opportunity 2005 report

Exchanges between readers commenting on the Bell Policy Center's Denver Post commentary on the "Colorado: The State of Opportunity 2005" report and Heather McGregor, Director of Communications at the Bell.

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