Income inequality surges in Colorado, according to new report

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Published Date: February 19, 2014
Author: Watt, Joe

February 19, 2014


Income inequality surges in Colorado,
according to new report

The gap between the wealthiest Coloradans and everyone else turned into a chasm following the Great Recession, according to a report released today. In that time, Colorado's top 1 percent accounted for all of the state's growth in income, while the other 99 percent saw a decline in income.

Voters should retain option on school financing, Buchanan testifies

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Published Date: February 13, 2014
Author: Watt, Joe

Wade Buchanan, president of the Bell, testified on Wednesday against House Bill 14-1120, which would have denied Colorado voters the chance to fund the Future School Finance Act after this year.

The finance act was passed by the legislature last year, but it goes into effect only if voters approve funding for it. Even though Amendment 66 failed in November, the act gives voters until 2107 to consider funding proposals. HB 1120 would have halted any such ballot measures after this year.

HB14-1072: Income Tax Credit for Child Care Expenses

Type: Testimony
Published Date: February 12, 2014
Author: Jones, Rich

Income Tax Credit for Child Care Expenses


Rich Jones, Director of Policy and Research
Testimony to the House Finance Committee
Feb. 12, 2014

Thank you for the opportunity to present this testimony to the committee today.

HB 14-1120: Concerning the New School Finance Act

Type: Testimony
Published Date: February 12, 2014
Author: Buchanan, Wade

Concerning the New School Finance Act

HB 14-1120

Prepared testimony to the House Education Committee

Wade Buchanan, President

February 12, 2014

Senate Bill 14-001: College Affordability Act

Type: Testimony
Published Date: January 29, 2014
Author: Waterous, Frank

College Affordability Act

Senate Bill 14-001

Testimony to the Senate Education Committee

Frank Waterous, Ph.D., Senior Policy Analyst

January 29, 2014

My name is Frank Waterous, and I am a senior policy analyst with the Bell Policy Center. The Bell is a non-partisan, non-profit research and policy organization founded on progressive values and dedicated to expanding opportunity for all Coloradans.

Our to-do list for 2014 session: Increase opportunity for more Coloradans

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Published Date: January 27, 2014
Author: Jones, Rich

The second year of the 69th session of the Colorado General Assembly is up and running.  Bills are being introduced, committees are meeting and we are working hard promoting policies that expand opportunity for more Coloradans. The goal of promoting opportunity is what guides our selection of policies to work on and our priorities for advocacy.

State economists predict strong economic growth and solid revenues

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Published Date: December 23, 2013
Author: Jones, Rich

State economists project continued growth for Colorado's economy and, as a result, solid revenues, they said in presentations to the Joint Budget Committee on Dec. 20.

Strong economic growth projected

Buchanan: We must build 21st century education system that serves all

Type: Commentary & Letters
Published Date: November 30, 2013
Author: Greeley Tribune

(This column was paired with a counterpoint column written by Steve Hall.)

By Wade Buchanan

It's less than four weeks since voters said "no" to Amendment 66, a broad proposal to change the funding formula for educating our kids and updating our tax system to pay for it.

Voters said 'no' this time, so it's back to the drawing board

Type: Email Communications
Published Date: November 6, 2013
Author: Buchanan, Wade

Dear Friends:

Today's Denver Post calls the defeat of Amendment 66 a "drubbing." That's probably the right word.

Clarity is one benefit of losing decisively. When the margin is close, you second-guess campaign tactics and speculate about whether a different strategy would have produced a different result.

None of that here. Simply put, voters just weren't in the mood to raise taxes in the way we proposed, for the education reforms we offered.

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