Gateway 7: A Healthy Adult Life

Those who enjoy sound physical and mental health or are able to get adequate treatment when they need it are likely to be more productive, advance faster in their careers, earn higher incomes and enjoy a better quality of life throughout their adult years.

Those who face physical or mental health challenges and do not have access to adequate or effective treatment are likely to miss more days of work, be less successful in their careers, face higher health care expenses and have a diminished quality of life.

Ultimately, some will face debilitating conditions that may threaten their family’s economic security, shorten their careers or even cause premature death.

Indicator 1: The prevalence of adult smokers
Tobacco-related illnesses are Colorado’s leading cause of preventable death.

Indicator 2: Obesity among Colorado adults
If current trends continue, the Centers for Disease Control projects that obesity will overtake smoking as the leading cause of preventable death in the United States.

Indicator 3: Suicide among Colorado adults
Colorado is consistently among the top 10 states for suicide deaths.

Indicator 4: Alcohol abuse among adults
Alcohol abuse is a serious health issue that harms lives and family relationships.

Indicator 5: Health insurance coverage for non-elderly adults
Access to health care is closely related to health insurance coverage.

Indicator 6: Non-elderly adults on Medicaid
One way of compensating for the loss of employer-sponsored health benefits for low-wage workers is to enroll them in the state’s Medicaid program.

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