Education issues

To make Colorado a land of opportunity for all in the 21st Century, we have to start with education. Our top priority must be preparing our kids to be good citizens and to compete and prosper in a global economy. Everything builds on this foundation. If we fail in this, nothing else we do will matter much.

We cannot afford a dual system that moves some kids forward and leaves others behind. We need all young people to be able to compete and contribute to our state. Our communities and our economy will suffer otherwise.

Students who don’t develop their talents or reach their potential will contribute less to their communities and are more likely to impose costs on the system throughout their lives. They will be less productive than they could be in an economy that needs everyone pulling in the same direction.

So we need schools that work for all our kids. That means raising performance across the board; providing flexibility and rewarding innovation; closing the persistent performance gaps among kids of different economic and racial backgrounds; letting no one fall through the cracks; preparing kids to succeed, whether in college or the workplace; and ensuring kids who want to go to college can afford to do so.