Open Media honors Bell with Independent Voices Award

The Bell Policy Center is being honored tonight with an Independent Voices Award from the Open Media Foundation, in recognition of our Policy Tool Kit and our "ongoing efforts to educate our community on issues that impact us the most."

Over the years, the Bell has created many tools to help Coloradans learn about the issues and challenges facing our state. With the help of Open Media, we put our most popular and useful tools in one place – our Policy Tool Kit.

Open Media, which "works to put the power of media technologies in the hands of civic-minded individuals and groups,'' is honoring three individuals and two organizations for their "use of new media to promote positive social change."

The Colorado Trust is being honored for "getting the word out about health equity," said Tony Shawcross, executive director of the Open Media Foundation.

The individuals being honored are Dan Landes, a Denver restaurateur and supporter of the arts; Steve Toth, who has produced many TV shows at Denver Open Media; and Bill Freud, producer of Denver Open Media's top-rated show of 2103, A Heartfelt Christmas.

Click here to read Open Media's press release on 2013's Independent Voices Award winners.