Colorado ASSET bill begins journey; will open doors to opportunity

Type: Email Communications
Published Date: January 24, 2013
Author: Waterous, Frank Watt, Joe

Senate Bill 33, the proposal that would allow qualified undocumented Colorado high school graduates to pay in-state college tuition, will be heard today before the Senate Education Committee.

The Bell has been a supporter of this effort from the beginning, for a simple reason: We believe all of our state's qualified high school graduates deserve to be able to go to college at an affordable in-state rate.

We believe affordable tuition will open doors to opportunity for these students. Allowing them to pursue their dreams and reach their potential enriches them and strengthens our state and our economy. And it is important to remember that we have invested in these students' K-12 education. Making it possible for them to complete post-secondary credentials and give back to the community will provide a return on that investment.

Further, we believe that ensuring that more students can pursue and complete post-secondary opportunities is not just good educational policy, it is also good workforce-development policy and will help Colorado build a strong foundation to  support our state's future economic competitiveness and our quality of life.

Senate Bill 33 is also known as the Colorado ASSET bill, short for Advancing Students for a Stronger Economy Tomorrow. The broad-based coalition behind the bill is the Higher Education Access Alliance, and the Bell is pleased to be one of the 10 organizations on the steering committee.

For more information on Colorado ASSET and the Higher Education Access Alliance, click here. For members of the steering committee, click here.

Today's hearing begins at 1:30 p.m. Because Colorado ASSET is second on the agenda, it will not be heard until about 2 p.m. To listen, click here. We''ll be tweeting during the hearing, and you can follow along at #coleg.