Colorado is a state of opportunity for all.

We make opportunity happen by leading the debate on family economic security and driving public policy solutions that help Coloradans get ahead and stay ahead.

The Bell Policy Center is committed to the wellbeing of all Coloradans, with a focus on increasing access to the American dream.

The Bell leads in the following ways to accomplish our mission:

  • Identify: Uncover and research systematic barriers to opportunity in Colorado.
  • Engage: Build coalitions, drive discourse, and increase understanding of those barriers and how to address them.
  • Advocate: Formulate, propose and promote public policy solutions that lower those barriers.

Policy Priorities

  • Promote family economic security by developing a secure option for workers to save for retirement, protecting borrowers from predatory lending, increasing the minimum wage and developing two-generation strategies that tie education and training opportunities for parents with early childhood education opportunities for their children.
  • Transform post-secondary education and training so that all students have the opportunity for academic and workforce success, regardless of background, age or preparation. This includes:
    • Tuition, aid, credit, scheduling and other policies that better meet the needs of students – especially adult, non-traditional and first-generation students.
    • Education and skills training for adults that lead to jobs that pay family-sustaining wages.
    • Strengthening the role of non-institutional voices in post-secondary education policy.
  • Ensure Colorado has a long-term strategy on aging to improve quality of life, protect family integrity and financial security, and reduce costs to the public and private sectors.
  • Through constitutional reform and tax modernization, increase financial support for and effectiveness of public services that assist families working to get ahead and stay ahead.

Community Strategies

  • Lead a statewide conversation to restore trust in the public sector and inspire Coloradans to help make the public sector an effective partner in expanding opportunity.
  • Use research and an inclusive and transparent community engagement process to identify big ideas for the next generation of public policy proposals to protect and increase opportunity.
  • Provide research, outreach and communications support to allies working to advance shared priorities that expand opportunity.
  • Protect past achievements and oppose efforts that will erect new barriers to opportunity.