Uncover and research systematic barriers to opportunity in Colorado.
Build coalitions, drive discourse
and increase understanding.
Formulate, propose and promote
public policy solutions that lower
those barriers.
Nov 7, 2015
Help Colorado families get ahead and stay ahead by scheduling your Colorado Gives Day gift to the Bell Policy Center. Your donation to the Bell will help us drive public policies that expand opportunity for all – making higher education more affordable, helping working families save for retirement, helping parents and their children move toward economic security, protecting consumers from predatory loans, making sure the public...


Nov 9, 2015
The Bell Policy Center seeks a full-time policy and research professional to join a team of expert analysts who focus on state-level public policies that help Colorado families get ahead and stay ahead. The senior policy analyst reports to the Director of Policy and Research and plays a central role in policy development and strategy for the e...
Nov 17, 2015
More than half of the 23 state health insurance co-ops set up by the Affordable Care Act have closed in the last year, including Colorado’s. In 2015, more than one...
Nov 12, 2015
Since August, Bell President Wade Buchanan has helped lead the Strategic Action Planning Group on Aging as it works to make Colorado the first state with a comprehensive, long-term strategy on aging. Now the group's website is live — and it offers ways for you to get involved and stay informed. Visit...
Nov 12, 2015
Carrying student debt is affecting millennials’ ability to save for retirement. About half of millennials (Americans born between 1980-2000) report they have college-related debt.  In a recent survey, 20 percent report debts of $1,000 to $20,000, 16 percent report debts of $20,000 to $50,000 and 16 percent report more than $50,000 in debt....
Nov 4, 2015
In-state undergraduate students at Colorado public colleges and universities could face significant tuition increases in the coming year if the governor’s recent budget request and a tuition recommendation approved by the Colorado Commission on Higher Education are both enacted during the upcoming legislative session. Despite...